ASTRONIKA Sp. z o.o. is dedicated to providing innovative solutions to the broadly-defined aerospace industry.
Our services are aimed at large and SME companies, international agencies and governmental institutions. Our products are continuously perfected to meet the demands of the European and global market.
Our offer includes:
  • Penetrating and sampling devices – unique electromagnetically driven penetrators and drills,
  • Lock & release mechanisms – particularly non-pyrotechnic solutions to release a force or torque,
  • Antenna systems – i.e., antenna systems and architecture, design tools, technologies and measurement techniques for various applications, such as communication, navigation or sensing,
  • Deployable structures – with tubular boom-based mechanisms our specialty,
  • Manipulators – ultra-light arms with several degrees of freedom,
  • Orbital deployers – characterized by robust, reliable and simple design,
  • Micro-satellite structures – including advanced material applications, simulations as well as manufacturing and verification,
  • Space bearings – adjusted to the space environment,
  • Electromagnetic actuators,
  • Separation rings,
  • Optomechanical/optomechatronical structures – i.e. definition, design and engineering of optical systems and payload architectures,
  • MGSE (Mechanical Ground Support Equipment).
Are you interested in our deployable systems and antennas? Please check the brochure below:
Distinguishable qualities of our company that let us strive for success are:
  • Very high quality of products/services,
  • Highly qualified staff,
  • Fresh and tailored approach to each and every order,
  • Continuous product enhancement and offer upgrade,
  • Activity in the field of R&D, constant adaptation to demands of international markets.