Hunt for a potentially hazardous binary asteroid
Astronika is responsible for the design, construction, testing, and delivery of the four motorized deployable antennas that together with radar electronics box and interface harnessing are parts of the JuRa (Juventas Radar) – Juventas S/C primary payload of the HERA mission. Each of the four antenna units will be placed in one of the corners of the Juventas CubeSat.

Juventas CubeSat will be ejected from the HERA spacecraft in deep space near 65803 Didymos, a binary asteroid system. Then 4 radar antennas will be deployed and will conduct research. After some time, Juventas CubeSat is scheduled to land on the Didymoon. In order to facilitate proper landing as well as related scientific research, at least one of the antennas will be retracted.

Main challenges of the project are related to volume & mass restriction which create significant design challenge since there is a need to equip the unit with DC motor, gearbox & limit switches system and maintain positive motorization margin in worst case conditions in deep space.